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If you're new, hello there !! I am BEACH, as you may have guessed.I've formed a hobby of making colorful character illustrations on MAGMA as of late, and figured it might be worth making some snack money out of it.
(Or less important things like PAYING TUITION.)
Regardless, if you're here, you've probably seen at least a bit of my work. I'll still have some sitting around because I can.You can find me on:
(Feel free to use any contact to reach me!)
Anyway yeah commissions. How about emI currently do all my work on a MAC TRACKPAD with a 6px PIXEL PENCIL, which I am sure is not particularly conducive to most healthy artistic practices but it makes drawing condensed shapes a lot easier.
I very rarely do SKETCHES or LINEART as a result—any sketches I do are pretty chunky and reserved for bigger pieces, so I usually just skip straight to FLAT COLOR.

200*200 to 500*500 px each
~20 min to 1 hr of time each
And other small doodles that fall into this general size range. They don't have to be profile pictures!
I can put up to 6 icons on one CANVAS too, if you want. Extra icons cost 75% of the base price ($3 flat, $4.50 shaded) each.

FLAT COLOR – 4 usd / 400 rbx
SHADED – 6 usd / 600 rbx

300*900 to 500*1500 px each
~1 hr to 2 hr of time each
And other stuff in this general size range, too. If you're not sure what size CANVAS you'd prefer, do ask! I'd be happy to help you figure it out.I have no limit on character quantity per piece—just keep in mind it might get cramped if you add too many.

FLAT COLOR – 15 usd / 1500 rbx
SHADED – 20 usd / 2300 rbx
complex background +5 usd / 400 rbx
(simple backgrounds are free !!)

700*1000 px to 900*1500 px each
~2.5 hr to 3.5 hr of time each
DOODLE PAGES are informal collections of character art CANVAS. They're mostly just for me to mess around with little scenarios, but if you'd want one—go right ahead! Whether you have ideas for each doodle or not.

FLAT COLOR – 22 usd
SHADED – 28 usd

1000*1500 px to 1500*2000 px each
~4 hr+ of time each
Exactly what it sounds like. This can be a reference sheet or a banner or character art—it's just the size that matters!

SKETCH – 28 usd
FLAT COLOR – 32 usd
SHADED – 42 usd
complex background +8 usd

An example of a ~32 USD piece (flat color).

An example of a ~50 USD piece (shading + background).

  • REQUEST – be specific if you can! Reference sheets, background ideas/references, character/scenario descriptions, or even your own basic sketches are really helpful!
    Makes it easier for both of us later.

  • DRAWING PROCESS – I'll get to work after we both think everything's been sorted out!
    I might have to split up my work time across several days depending on my schedule, but I won't cancel the commission outright unless something really dicey happens.

  • IN-PROGRESS UPDATES – I'll send at least one of these no matter the job size, just to make sure everything looks alright as is. (It'll be slightly lower quality than the final product, just to be safe.)
    Do give me some feedback if you notice something off or want something changed! No one wants to end up with a messed-up final product, myself included.

  • PAYMENT – Once I finish, I'll let you know! Don't pay before this part, just in case something does happen. I'll fork over the finished piece once I'm sure the payment's gone through. (My Paypal is here, and my Roblox payment options are here.)

  • ANYTHING ELSE? – In the case that there are still changes afterwards, do let me know and I'll be happy to make them! (If they're really big changes, I may tack on an extra fee depending on the scope.)

Things i Will Draw

  • OCs (i'll even design em for you from scratch if you like !!)

  • Fanart

  • Furry (don't have too much experience there though lol)

  • Mecha (within detail constraints)

  • Real people / organisms / things

  • Mild blood / gore

  • Ship art

Things i Will Not Draw

  • NSFW / fetish material

  • Proship / zoo / pedo material

  • Hate speech

  • Heavy gore

  • Other uncomfortable stuff I probably can't think of at the moment
    (But don't worry I'll let you know early if it crosses a line lol)

Whenever I'm done with your work, you're free to use, repost, and adapt it as you wish—with CREDIT, of course! I do ask that you don't adapt it into the material listed in my THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW section or feed it into a database for AI use, however. That will make me Unhappy. Otherwise, you're free to do whatever!Thanks again for having a look around! I did lie though. You do get BADGE POINTS for finding this

Violet Vault Key – 20 BP
Location: Violet Beach Zone
Scroll to the bottom of the Commissions Page in the Violet Beach Zone
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Oh? What's this?

You find yourself in a pitch-black expanse, far removed from the dim violet atrium you stood in not a moment before.

It appears empty... though there may be any number of things hidden in the dark.
Still, nothing seems eager to reveal itself.

Until... something catches your eye in the distance.
As you approach, you make it out to be... a strange form, hovering several inches off the ground. It emits a calm violet glow and rotates in space, and makes no protest as you pick it up and examine it in your open palm.

-> The GLUON was added to your KEY ITEMS.